Rail Pro Comp

Rail Pro Comp
For those who demand precision edge control

This incredible ski is designed for serious slalom skiers. Top competitors agree that when fierce short line slalom work is the order of the day, then Rail Pro Comp is an awesome weapon !
In the heat of competition the demand for precision edge control and unmatched acceleration are the only things that count. And that’s just what this remarkable hand crafted ski gives you – POWER & PERFORMANCE.

Available  in two striking colour combinations:
White with Smoke Grey highlights and fitted with Double Hi-Wrap Lace Up Bindings  
Eclipse Black with ‘Shadow’ highlights and fitted with Front Hi-Wrap Lace Up Binding and Rear Toe Plate. 

Sizes: 167 or 172 cm

Rail Pro Comp Slalom Water Ski - Double Boot
Rail Pro Comp Slalom Water SkiRail Pro Comp Slalom Water Ski
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